How to Register:

1.  Read Welcome to Key City Kennel Club Dog Training!, the class rules document.

2.  Read the document on training collars.

3.  Locate the class you plan to attend on the schedule of classes.

4.  Print and fill out an application: .pdf application or open, fill out, and print the  Word application.

5.  Make a copy of your dog's rabies certificate (Required if your vet has given your dog the rabies vaccination.  Per state law dogs must have rabies vaccination by six monthsof age.)  Invoice from vet visit does not suffice.

6.  Mail the application, copy of rabies certificate), and a check made out to KCKC for the appropriate fee (listed below) to:
   Key City Kennel Club
   Lynn Davey, Training Director
  47081 Linden Lane
   Kasota, MN 56050

7.  An acknowledgement of your application will be sent to the e-mail address you list on the application.  Please write legibly and make certain your account will accept mail from


Training Class Fees


Basic Obedience
Practical Obedience
Advanced  Obedience
Agility Foundation
Agility Obstacle Familiarization or
Handling & Sequencing
Advanced Agility (Meets 6 times in 8 week session.)
4-H Members registered in 4-H Dog Project for upcoming year
Conformation and Open Mat passes for agility/obedience/Rally
Obedience or Agility class pass arranged by instructors for current students.
Not available for Basic or Foundation classes.

$50/10 punch ticket

$90/8 punch ticket